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The Strongest Humans on the Planet: Mothers

Women are forces of nature as independent figures, but we were also afforded an amazing gift. This being the capacity to give life to another being. Not only give life, but a guide, mentor, care and nurture a human. Pregnancy and motherhood are not for the weak of heart. It takes so much mental and physical strength.

More often than not, women are told to avoid more intense forms of exercise due to pregnancy. Up until now. Recent studies have shown that women who exercise experience a wide variety of benefits not only for themselves but for the baby. There is so much untapped potential because we fear what exercise may do during pregnancy. Let me just give you an example of how amazing the female body is.

Some women experience an increase in their lifting potential and reach new personal records during their pregnancy. A woman's cardiac output increases, and thus her heart pumps out more blood with each beat. This gives the woman a natural “doping effect” thus providing her with a training advantage. Another benefit to training during pregnancy is that it facilitates an easier birthing process. You wouldn’t tell someone looking to train for a marathon to put their feet up and just wait for the race. You would recommend a series of training methods to best prepare for the big event. So why not with pregnancy? It requires that same effort if not more. Preparation, dedication and effort while training are all factors that will best prepare your client for the responsibilities and tasks of motherhood.

This common misconception that pregnant women are fragile and incompetent is so far from the truth. As such, I decided to take on my pre and postnatal training certification to further empower women to unlock more of their potential throughout their pre and post natal journey. Ultimately, I want to best equip them and instil confidence as they take on this new chapter of their life.

Thus wrapping this all up, if there is any takeaway from this little article it is to...

Never underestimate a woman.



Edana Keijdener is NASM certified personal trainer and pre and post natal training specialist. Her focus is on women’s health and fitness. More specifically hypertrophy and strength training. She is also a competitive powerlifting athlete as well as a group class coach for Thailands 3rd best strength and conditioning class rated by ClassPass.

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