Weightlifting training typically takes 60-90 minutes and club times are scheduled for 2-3 hours. Your programme will be provided by our coaches and will vary depending on your level. Due to training individualisation, certain athletes may finish earlier or later. For those athletes who are finished with their training, it is not mandatory to stay for the whole club duration. The club will be directed by a coach who will make sure you are correctly performing the exercises. 

What to bring?

We are firm believers in an ego-free community, please bring your best and most supportive attitude for your fellow lifters.

Appropriate sporting attire is necessary for our classes, we recommend a raised heel weightlifting shoe. For outerwear, we recommend any comfortable clothing which frees any restriction and ventilation. Belts, straps, wrist wraps and knee sleeves/wraps are also recommended.

Can I bring my own program?

We highly encourage our athletes to undertake our club programs. However, certain experienced lifters may bring their own personal program and still gain support from our coaches and community.


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