Simply get stronger. Powerlifting is a strength sport which athletes are tested on the three main lifts; Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Regardless of where you are in your strength journey, our dedicated coaches are here to help you break into your strongest self.  


Serious about your training? So are we. Personal Coaching is a one-to-one or small group individualised training platform, aimed at meeting any goals you may have. 


Want to Master the Art of Lifting? Weightlifting consists of the two classic lifts; the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. This challenging sport blends technique with strength, no matter your goals our world-class team of coaches are on hand to help you discover your most athletic self.


Ready to make a change to your life for good? S&C takes functional movements to a new level with its fast and fun unique combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing and many more. Whether you’re just starting out or an elite athlete, our daily programmes cater to all participant level. Change your lifestyle for good, and find your fittest self.